Boston Marathon Wonder Women

It was an honor to get to chat with some amazing women for our Postcards from Boston interviews at the Boston Marathon. I think you'll find these teammates from the Hyland's Women's Marathon Team inspirational, and they definitely will spark your running fever!

Jessica Leonard and Nancy Heydinger

Teammates on the Hyland's Women's Boston Marathon team, Jessica and Nancy chatted with us about Girls on the Run, the significance of running the Boston Marathon, and their journeys to get to the starting line.


Dorothy Beal and Lesley Cranshaw

Dorothy Beal and her mom Lesley Cranshaw talked about what makes Boston so special, and what they appreciate so much about the running community. Lesley is running her 10th Boston on Monday, and for Dorothy it will be her 5th Boston and 33rd marathon, so clearly, these two love running! Check out Mile Posts to follow more of what Dorothy is up to!


Beth Gillespie

Beth Gillespie, who wasn’t an athlete growing up, talked about how running has changed her life, and the program Girls on the Run, and how it is changing the lives of girls around the country.


Alison Desir and Rahaf Khatib

Alison Desir and Rahaf Khatib joined us for a very inspirational chat. Alison started Harlem Run in 2013, after dealing with some struggles in her life and discovering that running a marathon was transformational. Harlem Run’s mission is to create a community space that is inclusive, with walkers and runners of all speeds welcome. Rahaf grew up hating running, but now on the eve of her 7th marathon, loves it. She shared with us the unique issues she deals with in wearing a hijab while running, but she realizes the importance as a role model of showing that no challenge will stop her. Both of these women are running for reasons bigger than themselves.


Here's more on the Hyland's Women's Marathon Team:

Boston Marathon 2017: Find Yourself, Find The Finish Line

The Boston Marathon is celebrating 50 years of women in the race. In honor of this milestone, Hyland’s is fielding a 2017 all-women team. Join us as we cheer them on or follow along via #HylandsPowered as they share an intimate glimpse into what it takes to succeed in the world’s most prestigious running event.



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