Breakfast with Bob from Ironman Mont Tremblant

Breakfast with Bob pre-race and post-race interviews from beautiful Ironman Mont Tremblant!




Men's Champion Marino Vanhoenacker: Pre-Race

Men's Champion Marino Vanhoenacker: Post-Race

Women's Champion Rachel Joyce: Pre-Race

Women's Champion Rachel Joyce: Post-Race


The picturesque village of Mont Tremblant


Fireworks announced each swim wave start.


Volunteer wetsuit strippers wait for swimmers to exit the lake.


A scenic red carpet pathway for swimmers between swim exit and transition area.


Women's second place finisher, Kim Schwabenbauer early on the run, on the way to a day's fastest 3:06 marathon.


Women's champion Rachel Joyce running through the village, about half-way through the marathon.


Nothing quite like the feeling of crossing an Ironman finish line….



To get everyone geared up and ready for Ironman Mont Tremblant, we chatted with the 3-time champion: Mary Beth Ellis about what makes this race so special. LISTEN here.






Enjoy this Babbittville Radio interview with Ironman Mont Tremblant race director Dominque Piche




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