Breakfast with Bob at the New York City Triathlon

Breakfast with Bob Interviews at the New York City Triathlon! Filmed at the race expo, Friday and Saturday July 14 and 15. 


Scott Hutmacher

We kicked off Breakfast with Bob at the New York City Triathlon with an update from Scott Hutmacher on LifeTime Tri's newly announced initiatives. We also chat about all the elements that make the New York City Triathlon so unique.


Cam Dye

Defending champion Cam Dye stopped by for a chat. We talked about the life of a professional triathlete who specializes in Olympic-distance non-drafting races. Cam also shared his thoughts on what makes racing in New York City so special.

Lauren Goss

Lauren Goss is on a roll in 2017 after winning St. Anthony's and Escape from Alcatraz. Her hope is to not only win the women's race, but to also win the Equalizer at the 2XU New York City Triathlon as well!


Jason West

Jason grew up as a wrestler and was a collegiate triathlete at Penn State. After a few rough patches with injuries, Jason is now racing well and loving life as a professional triathlete and has his sights set on 2020.

Amy Bevilacqua

The 2012 New York City Triathlon women's champion Amy Bevilacqua grew up as a gymnast, and as she says: “ran away with the circus” as a trapeze artist. Now the mom of five, and former steeplechaser, enjoys racing as a professional triathlete and obstacle course athlete.


Erin Storie

Erin ran cross country and track and swam in high school, ran in college, and then was introduced to triathlon. She is now one of the bright US up and coming triathlon stars.


Madi Serpico

Madi is working with the amazing Siri Lindley to hopefully become one of the best triathletes around. Madi is a vegan and talked about the impact that makes on her training and racing.

Alex Libin

Alex started out racing XTERRA off-road triathlons, then transitioned to ITU racing. Now after the high-pressure environment of chasing points on the WTS circuit, he's found joy again racing the Major League Tri series and non-drafting races. Great to chat with Alex!

Max Fennell

Max was an elite soccer player when a knee injury forced him from the sport. He used a borrowed bike to do his first triathlon in Philly where he took seventh in his age group. Now a pro based in Nor Cal, Max is a man on a roll.

Rudy Garcia-Tolson

Imagine having both legs amputated above the knee at the age of six. Then imagine overcoming overwhelming odds to become one of the world's greatest endurance athletes. Four-time paralympic swimmer and Ironman Arizona finisher Rudy Garcia-Tolson joined us for a chat.

Glenn Hartrick

In June of 2014, top age-group triathlete Glenn Hartrick, was paralyzed when he crashed into a car that had made an illegal u-turn in front of him. Three years later he is racing on a relay here in New York with fellow CAF athlete Rudy Garcia-Tolson. Plus, in November he is racing Ironman Florida!


John Young

John Young, who lives by the mantra: Be the Hammer!, chatted with us about the importance of endurance sports and racing for all athletes. Love spending time with John!


Laura Mathews

Years ago Laura's dad crashed badly on a bike and broke his femur, which scared Laura away from riding. Now she is not only back on the bike, she's racing as a pro

Eric Byrnes

Former MLB star, and now endurance sports junkie, Eric Byrnes stopped by for a chat. After multiple Ironman finishes, as well as the Western States 100, Eric’s looking forward to a nice little short day of racing at the New York City Triathlon on a relay team with the MLB Network. Eric and I chatted about our love for the endurance sports lifestyle.

Michael Phinney

Michael swam at Villanova, then got his MBA. Now he's embracing life as a professional triathlete.


Cecilia Davis-Hayes

May, 2015 was her first triathlon, and this is Cecilia's first season racing as a professional triathlete (while going to med school). First race as a pro? Ironman 70.3 St George, where she finished 8th.

Alison Kreideweis

Alison is a mother of two whose passion for endurance and for the athletes that are part of her Empire State Triathlon Club is unmatched.

Earl Walton

It was great to get to spend time with Earl Walton, the man who brings so much to so many through Tailwind Sports.


Carrie Stevens and Susan Graham

Carrie and Susan volunteer as handlers for challenged athletes at triathlons and shared with us why they enjoy it and what race day is like for them.


Travis Ricks

We chat a little paratri with Travis Ricks from the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Travis talks about the importance of the New York City Triathlon for paratriathletes.


Thom Richmond

Thom is the founder of California Triathlon, has taken his club national, and now boasts 4,000 members plus a number of new programs, sponsors and initiatives.




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