Countdown to Kona 2017

Welcome to our 3rd annual Babbittville Countdown to Kona! 


This year we are featuring 50 of our favorite Ironman sound bites from our Babbittville interviews. 


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Starting this year's #KonaCountdown with one of my all-time favorite radio show sound bites on the Ironman World Championship. If you are a podcast listener, you've probably heard this opening on many of my Ironman interviews….
Back in 1982, Rodney Jacobs and Freewheelin' films released a short film on the fifth-ever Ironman World Championship. There is a section in the film where actor and ultra runner Bruce Dern is running on the Queen K Highway while talking about the last miles of the Ironman marathon. I remember watching the film for the very first time and Bruce Dern's words gave me goosebumps. 35 years later, they still do.



Today's #KonaCountdown features wise words of advice from a champion who knows them well: No Need to Panic.
Three-time Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae reflected on being 14:32 back off the bike and in eighth place at the 2014 Ironman World Championship when she uncorked a course record time of 2:50:26 to catch the long-time leader, Daniela Ryf. The gap between the two at the end? A mere 2:02.
Listen to the full interview here.



Today's #KonaCountdown features Clay Treska and his incredible story of overcoming cancer and finishing the Ironman Triathlon World Championship:
From a cancer death sentence to the Ironman finish line in Kona: There's Always Hope
Listen to the full interview with Clay here.


Today on our #KonaCountdown: The ageless Ironman legend Bill Bell.
Bill didn’t get into endurance sports until he was over 50, but he certainly made up for lost time. He completed over 300 triathlons, 32 Ironman races and 158 marathons in his career. He finished his final Kona when he was 76 in 2001 and his final Ironman at Ironman California when he was 78. He won his division in Kona five times.
In this sound bite, Bill reminds us: Never Look Back.
Listen to the full interview with Bill here.


Today's #KonaCountdown comes from 1988 Ironman World Champion, Scott Molina. I interviewed The Terminator about his career, and he chatted about training with 6-time Ironman World Champion Mark Allen in 1989, leading in to the greatest Ironman in history: IronWar with Dave Scott. We got a classic Molina description of Mark: He Was Just That Bloody Good!
Enjoy the full interview with Scott Molina here.


Today's #KonaCountdown features the great Chrissie Wellington. We chatted a week after her final race in Kona in 2011, her 4th world title. Chrissie came into the race just two weeks after a bike crash, facing lots of adversity and unknowns. I asked Chrissie what she learned from her epic final race. Here is her response: Never Ever Give Up.
Listen to full interview here.


Today on our Babbittville #KonaCountdown: #ThrowbackThursday race strategy from the 3rd place finisher at the original Ironman Triathlon in 1978, Dave Orlowski. Listen to full interview here.


Happy Friday! Here's to a great training and racing weekend for everyone! Today's #KonaCountdown comes from February 1982 Ironman Champion Kathleen McCartney, who speaks about the inspiration and camaraderie of triathlon, our triathlon family, and our training buddies! Check out the full interview with Kathleen, and a very special training buddy: Mike Levine here.


#KonaCountdown: In 2016, Kona rookie Patrick Lange was 23rd off the bike, and ran a record 2:39:45 to finish 3rd and on the podium. How did he do it? By keeping his eye on the prize
Listen to the full interview with Patrick Lange here.


Today's #KonaCountdown, in honor of long run day for many on the #RoadToKona: 2016 Ironman World Championships 7th place finisher Sarah Piampiano on her race plan with coach Matt Dixon:
It All Comes Down to the Run.
Listen to the full interview with Sarah Piampiano here.


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