Steve King

Babbittville_radioWith the Ultraman World Championship coming up on the Big Island, who better to have on with us than the voice of Ultraman, the legendary Steve King!

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  1. Thomas F. Hamilton November 25, 2016 at 11:12 pm -

    Wow. This cements, once again, why I love this sport, and will forever! Steve King; that voice comes back to me 26 years after my first Ironman in Penticton, Aug. 26, 1990. God bless you, Steve, and Bob, and all race announcers. What is it about the “voice” that brings us so into the moment of our Ironman experiences?! I have not heard his so distinctive accent in some time; it is certainly a sign to bring out the 1990 race video again after several years on the shelf! Thanks so much for this, Bob Babbitt. The interviews just keep getting better, and better. Hats off to you, brother. Cannot tell you how much it means to me to have you inspire me as I come “back from the dead”. We can never tell how life can almost magically bring out our best, sometimes from the most desperate, painful, and dark experiences. Ah, the total human story. It thrills me. Carpe diem.

  2. Steve King is and will remain in my mind as the voice of Ironman and Ultraman. He is gentleman and expert not only in triathlon, but in different fields of endurance sport. The capacity he has for remembering and using statistics, data, names and personalities is out of this world. He’s achievements inside and outside sport are awesome, he is also a great musician & husband. #Ohana Steve